DIY Feather Crown

Picture from A Beautiful Mess

Flower crowns are not reigning anymore in the music festivals. The new queens of boho chic style are now going for feather crowns, which provide a stronger and less naïve look. Native American accessories are absolutely in since we swapped the Aztec trend for Navajo patterns last summer. But if you are still a queen without crown, don’t worry!! Good news is that it is actually pretty easy to make one at home, and it won’t take you much time. Pinky promise. Are you in the mood for a DIY?

DIY Supplies: Feather trim, floral ribbon, glue, felt, a piece of elastic, needle and thread.

DIY feather crown

Picture from A Beautiful Mess

  1. Cut the floral embellishment and a strap of felt. They have to be 1 inch shorter than the actual measure of your head contour.
  2. Glue the feather trim to the felt piece.
  3. Once it’s dry, flip it over and glue the floral embellishment.
  4. Then just stitch a small piece of elastic to the ends of the crown.

We absolutely adore this DIY version with a braided base from The Wonder Forest, check out her DIY tutorial here.

DIY feather headband

But if you think that a DIY feather crown is too daring for you, simply choose smaller hair accessories like a headwrap with a few hanging feathers. Here’s another really good tutorial from Wonder Forest.

So get your war paints, grab your new headband and you’ll be ready to rule the street style!

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