Storm (23) and Andrea (18) are two sisters from Hannover who share their passion for fashion and their outfits on They both have different personalities and different styles, but they complement each other seamlessly. Their followers never get bored, because they always come up with some unexpected styling idea, yet brilliant. Besides their wardrobes, we love the quality of their blog and the effort they put into photography. It’s such an honor to have them as BeIN users, check out their opinion about the app here. The adorable two

1. Tell us a little bit about you and about your blog. Why did you guys decided to start sharing your outfits together?

Storm: Andrea and I used to have two separate blogs with friends. But after some time, they didn’t work out and we both quit blogging. A few months later we felt like there was something missing in our lives, and we decided to start a blog together. We show different styles in our outfits: chic, edgy, sporty and glamorous… Always depending on our mood.

2. Is there anything you would never wear? Do you guys have any style rule?

Andrea: Don’t show too much! Keep it classy.

Storm: Wear whatever you feel comfortable with. BeIN App bloggers4. As fashion bloggers and fashionistas, how do you think BeIN App has helped you?

Be In App is a great opportunity to create outfits that you would like to show in the future on your blog. So at night, while lying in bed, you can style up a look and see how it would suit together. And if you like it, next morning you won’t have that problem of “I have got nothing to wear”. The best is also, that you can easily buy the clothes that you liked.

5. What is your favorite feature of BeIN App?

We must say that buying the clothes is the best part! It saves up so much time. And once you bought it, you already know how to combine it. And also that you can follow other Users and BE Inspired!

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